Hundsun Technologies: A Holistic Solution to All Banking Problems

Angela Carcheska, Overseas Business CEO, Hundsun TechnologiesAngela Carcheska, Overseas Business CEO
With the deep penetration of the Internet into banking sectors, the pace of online financial services has been accelerating. Technological collaboration has gradually become an inevitable trend for banks to develop financial services in the future. Under this trend, open banking came into being—a top-down strategic transformation of data-based operations, including comprehensive changes in the front, middle and back offices. Its impact is felt on the overall value chain of the bank—restructuring and reshaping business models.

Due to such advancements, the bank shares data, algorithms, transactions, processes, or other business functions with partners in the business ecosystem that master user resources, reaching various end-users such as individuals, enterprises, governments, and financial institutions, and providing them with ubiquitous experience and first-class flexible financial services. Hundsun's banking open platform solution is mainly composed of front-end operation portals, API gateways, middle and back-end API markets, and management centers, aiming to provide a simple banking solution that can not only realize the standard function opening of the bank but also create a customized function embedded open banking solution for the specific business scenario of the partner.
One of the leading suppliers in financial software and network service, Hundsun's Private Banking, and Wealth Management Solutions offers an exclusive customized asset allocation and wealth planning platform for the private banking department and wealth management department, allowing investors, account managers, investment advisors, and product teams to collaborate effectively. Additionally, the intermediate business solutions program is mainly oriented to the Banking Technology Department, Digital Banking Department, and Operations Department. Based on the JRES/GAPS essential development framework/technical platform, it provides various intermediary services and unique business front-end services such as collection and payment, living payment, local characteristics, and administrative characteristics.

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Hundsun focuses on wealth and assets management and devotes itself to offering integrated solutions and services to the institutions of securities, futures, funds, trust, insurance, bank, exchange, and private placement. The program is developed based on the basic technical framework of the unified payment platform to facilitate financial institutions to connect with the bank, including People's Bank, UnionPay, Net Union, City Bank, Rural Credit Bank, and other franchised payment clearing institutions for fund receipt and payment, remittance and transfer. The payment clearing and settlement system mainly include system packages such as the size of the People's Bank of China, Super Online Banking, UnionPay, Net Union, Rural Credit Bank, City Bank, RMB cross-border payment, and payment routing. Each dedicated payment system/subsystem/module can be separate. It can also be deployed seamlessly with payment routing (payment engine system) to build a unified payment platform for the whole bank.

Hundsun was established in 1995 and was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2003. Moreover, the company has provided integrated solutions and services to more than 1,000 financial institutions in the securities, funds, trust, insurance, and banking sectors. Hundsun was ranked 43rd in the "IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100" in 2019. With the successful development of China's financial market, Hundsun will continue to push forward its globalization strategy, namely "inbound introductions", "outbound expansion," and "strategic acquisitions" to expand its product and service coverage to the international financial market, as well as introduce advanced products to the domestic market and open up new areas.
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Hundsun Technologies

Hundsun Technologies

Hangzhou, China

Angela Carcheska, Overseas Business CEO

Hundsun Technologies was founded in Hangzhou in 1995. The company is a leading supplier of financial software and network service in China. Hundsun focuses on wealth and assets management and devotes itself to offering integrated solution and services to the institutions of securities, futures, funds, trust, insurance, bank, exchange and private placement. It also offers wealth management tools to individual investors. At present, Hundsun has a high-quality professional team with more than 7000 members. 80% members of the team are development engineers. It has powerful strength and competitive edge in the aspects of planning consultation, software development, technical services, the services of system integration and system maintenance

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